Proper dog training is not a matter of strictness, ill-treatment, pressure or exhaustion of the animal. It is a matter of knowledge, experience, technique, patience, communication and repetition.  At Kreta Rex House we are able to unravel the character and personality of your dog in whatever level or direction you wish (basic obedience, protection duties - space guarding - bodyguard, sport at all levels BH, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3, preparation for morphology report etc.).


Obedience training is really essential for every dog, as this is considered to be the basis upon which the dog's relationship with the owner is built. At Kreta Rex House we train dogs in a way that guarantees that in the end, a strong relationship of trust between man and animal is achieved.


Like us, dogs are social creatures and they need regular socialization with people and other animals. Dog socialization begins in the early stages of his life under the wings of his mother. This process continues throughout the years while our little friend gets to know other dogs or have a family of his own. With a simple visit to our premises, we can provide you counseling free of charge about your dog's social needs.

Behavior Modification

At Kreta Rex House we try to analyze and understand your dog's personality and the reasons that cause his undesirable behaviors, which propably cause problems to you and your everyday life. Through behavior modification treatment, we are replacing these undesirable behaviors by adjusting your dog's habits.

Resource Guarding

Guard dog training aims at developing new instincts like loyalty and resource guarding, while ensuring that your dog will not get aggressive outside the area it has been assigned to protect.

Personal Protection

During personal protection training we train your dog to protect you and your loved ones at any time, by strengthening his protective instinct. You can be confident that you are going to feel completely safe during your dog's presence and furthermore, you are going to form an even stronger bond with your four-legged friend.

Food Refusal

During food refusal training we are training your dog to refuse food from third parties. Just like all our training programs, food refusal training is being done through painless procedures. The first step is to teach your dog that food which may lay on the ground is harmful. By following specific procedures and after many repetitions, your dog will learn not to consume food other than the one you will provide for him.

Children and Dogs

Once you decide to share your home with a dog, it becomes a member of your family. Therefore, it is essential to ensure harmony among all your family members. At Kreta Rex House we are able to train your dog to be playfull and protective with your children and your family in general.


Pre-training is what we call a set of exercises that are being practiced by puppies from the early stages of their lives. The purpose of these exercises is to enforce good behaviors that will follow these puppies for the rest of their lives.