At Kreta Rex House kennel, we deal with German Shepherd breeding very carefully. With knowledge in terms of dynamic character and perfect morphology, we take care of a healthy breeding, highlighting the strong characteristics of the breed.

Kreta Rex House kennel is a certified German Shepherd kennel in Heraklion, Crete, Greece (K.O.E., F.C.I.). It has been officially operating since 1995, participating in many international morphology exhibitions and work competitions, as well as in Panhellenic championships, in which our dogs have received high distinctions.

Every family that gets a German Shepherd puppy or adult dog from Kreta Rex House is always happy with the new family member. Contact our kennel for conformation dogs (black-brown German Shepherd) and working dogs (grey German Shepherd).

By getting a puppy from Kreta Rex House we provide you with free guidance for the puppy's first days in your home, its socialization, but also information with basic training exercises. In our kennel you will have the opportunity to choose your own new four-legged friend among the many healthy puppies we breed.